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The Ben and Mike glossary

We have so many phrases, references and in-jokes that we use all the time. Sometimes they come when one of us mishears the other one and says what we thought they said. Other times it can be referencing something someone has said or done. And occasionally we do hand gestures that we turn into sign…

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What we got each other for Christmas 2015

Now that we’re older, we don’t get toys for Christmas anymore. It’s all socks and stationary, but we miss having cool things to play with over the festive period. So, a few years ago we set each other a challenge to £20 worth of gifts, but each item had to be under £3. It turned…

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Ben & Mike’s Cosplay Awards

cosplay awards

Yesterday we went to the MCM Comic Con in London. While we were there we saw lots of weird and wonderful cosplayers. We liked some of them so much that we decided to make our own Cosplay Awards and celebrate some of the best ones. The ‘Actually Evil’ Award This guy was terrifying. It was…

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Wedding Speech Openers

wedding speech openers

Firstly, just look at the man in that photo. Doesn’t he look sad. He looks like he’s driven hundreds of couples to their weddings but he’s spent his life alone, waiting for a woman to come along and marry him. Maybe some day somebody will be driving him to a wedding. But for now he…

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Ben & Mike’s 2014 Advert Awards

2014 advert

One thing we love talking about is television advertisements. There’s some we love and some we hate. So, let’s take a look at some of our favourites this year in the 2014 Advert Awards. Worst Advert Mike’s Pick Wonga – ‘Guitars’ Firstly, who’s this goober playing the guitar here? Secondly, what the hell is the…

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