Hi! We're Ben and Mike and we do silly things just for the fun of it.


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Cooking For Blokes

Cooking for Blokes is our online cooking show, presented by Mike as the everyday man's chef Andy Bloke.

With so many cooking shows out there showing people how to make complex dishes with lots of fancy ingredients, we decided it was time for a series showing how to make proper blokey food, like crisp sandwiches and pot noodles.

Although we plan how to cook the dish, a lot of is improvised as we're filming, leading to some messy, but memorable, moments.

Even More of Everything

We are both quite musical, but with very different styles. While Ben writes comedy songs on the ukulele or piano, Mike experiments with avant garde music.

When Mike started recording spoken word recordings and Ben pointed out that he had loads of instrumental music that he couldn't think of lyrics for, we decided to combine them to create 'spoken word instrumentals'.

And so our first - and so far, only - album was born. We still love listening to these recordings and you can too below.

Vote Gary!

A few years ago, we discovered a conservatory campaigner and local legend called Gary Sambrook.

Now, neither of us have ever really had any interest in politics, but we were intrigued enough by the newsletter we received to find out what he was doing. And it turns out he's doing a lot of good and working on important issues that we ourselves have complained about over the years.

We thought he was a nice chap and it would be great to see him elected in the local election on 13th February 2014. So we've decided to support him.