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Yesterday we went to the MCM Comic Con in London. While we were there we saw lots of weird and wonderful cosplayers. We liked some of them so much that we decided to make our own Cosplay Awards and celebrate some of the best ones.

The ‘Actually Evil’ Award
This guy was terrifying. It was like he was born to dress up as Doctor Evil.
Actually Evil

The ‘Angriest Cosplayer’ Award
This Klingon was shouting at everyone to move and generally scaring everyone he came into contact with.
Angriest Cosplayer

The ‘Are They In Costume?’ Award
We’re not even sure if these were real policemen or just in costume. You have to be very careful when dealing with policemen cosplayers, because you never know when you might end up arrested… again.
Are they in costume

The ‘Best Boots’ Award
C’mon, they are awesome boots!
Best Boots

The ‘Cardboard Stormtrooper’ Award
There were a lot of stormtroopers wandering around, but this guy was our favourite because of his bold use of cardboard
Best cardboard stormtrooper

The ‘Droid Dress’ Award
This was pretty inventive.
Best Droid Dress

The ‘Best Duo’ Award
Who doesn’t love a pair of women dressed as Mario and Luigi (or should that be Maria and Louise)
Best duo

The ‘Family Cosplayers’ Award
It’s nice to see families dressing up together. This pair looked cute in their matching costumes.
Best Family Cosplayers

The ‘Best Playing Card’ Award
We’ve never seen a man dressed as a card from a game before… now we know why.
Best Game Card

The ‘Mixed Gender Cosplayer’ Award
Obviously women like dressing up as male superheroes too and it’s a dream come true for nerds. It’s a shame more men don’t dress as Wonder Woman or Gamora.
Best girl in a man's costume

The ‘Most Impressive Prop’ Award
This was a massive weapon, and the fact she had to carry it all around London to get it here is commendable.
Best Prop

The ‘Best Use of Cardboard Boxes’ Award
We loved this guy’s sense of humour. It was a clunky costume that must have been a pain to wear, but it was funny. Love the name as well.
Best use of cardboard boxes

The ‘Best Use of Tin Foil’ Award
This photo doesn’t do it justice. He also had tin foil boots, a tin foil belt and a tin foil weapon.
Best use of Tinfoil

The ‘Party Animal’ Award
There were quite a few people dressed in big animal costumes, but this was perhaps the most impressive.
Biggest Animal

The ‘Bright Wig’ Award
At least you won’t lose him in a crowd.
Brighest Wig

The ‘Gamer Cow’ Award
If you’re going to travel to London as a cow, at least do more than just sit and stare at a screen.
Cow Gamer

The ‘Shattered Dreams’ Award
If you dress up as Mickey Mouse, you cannot remove the head. It’ll ruin people’s lives by beheading one of there favourite childhood characters.
Dream Ruiner

The ‘Deadpool’ Award
We saw a lot of people dressed as Deadpool, but this Glamrock version was our favourite.
Glamrock Deadpool

The ‘Tallest Cosplayer’ Award
He was massive.
Is he that tall

The ‘Longest Hair’ Award
Pretty, long blue hair.
Longest Hair

The ‘Wh… Okay(?)’ Award
Man in a yellow onesie carrying an inflatable dolphin… yup.
Man carrying an inflatable shark

The ‘Meanest Glance’ Award
This guy gave us the meanest stare when he saw Ben take his photograph.
Meanest glance

The ‘Most Impractical Tail’ Award
There were a lot of costumes that made it awkward to move around, but this tail must’ve made it near impossible for her to get through the crowds.
Most Impractical Tail

The ‘Pink Rhino’ Award
Okay, she wasn’t actually dressed as a rhino. But this woman in pink sure looked like a rhino when we took this photo.
Pinkest Pink

The ‘Poser’ Award
We saw this guy a number of times throughout the day, always posing for the camera.

The ‘Scariest Mask’ Award
There were a lot of Jokers around, but this was the freakiest mask.
Scariest Mask

The ‘Scariest Pokemon’ Award
Who knew Pikachu could look so scary.
Scariest Pikachu

The ‘Seasickness’ Award
Just looking at her in that outfit made us nauseous.

The ‘Shiniest Costume’ Award
There were a lot of sequins and latex about, but this was the most all-over shiny costume.
Shiniest Costume

The ‘Almost Naked’ Award
He really should’ve worn more than that.
Should've Worn More

The ‘Tablecloth’ Award
If you can’t afford a costume, you could always just cut up a tablecloth and wear that.
Tablecloth Costume

The ‘Tallest Top Hat’ Award
It is a very tall hat.
Tallest hat

The ‘Tallest Weapon’ Award
How she managed to carry that on the tube I don’t know.
Tallest Weapon

The ‘Trash Magnet’ Award
Not sure why Joseph Gordon-Levitt had random litter stuck on his face. Maybe he came as Glueman and people kept throwing things at him.
Things stuck on your head

The ‘What Exactly Is That?’ Award
A costume cobbled together from random clothes and objects, complete with a carrier bag tail.
What exactly is that

The ‘Work Clothes’ Award
Not sure if this guy was in his work clothes or if it was actually a costume.
Work clothes

The ‘Forgotten Costume’ Award
Don’t you hate it when you forget to put your costume on?
You forgot your costume

The ‘Free Hugs’ Award
There were a lot of people in costumes desperately offering ‘free hugs’, but this guy hadn’t even dressed up. He did nothing to warrant giving him a free hug.
You've done nothing to earn a free hug

The ‘Dirty Disney’ Award
Ah yes, saved the best till last. A Disney princess hiding some other Disney characters under her dress. Wonder what they got up to under there.
Dirty Disney

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