Removing key features from gameshows

Our first idea is to remove some of the things that make each gameshow unique. Take away these essential features and come up with a creative way to play the game without them.

Supermarket Sweep
Take away the trolleys. Imagine them just running around trying to carry stuff in their arms. That would be much more fun. They’d be dropping stuff and falling over trying to pick it up.

Generation Game
Get rid of the conveyor belt. Everything’s just on a table and they have to say what they can see. But they’d be in a swivel chair and Bruce Forsyth (or Jim Davidson) is spinning them around.

The Chase
No chaser. Then they’d always win.
“We’re still three spaces from home, it’s been three hours, you’ve got every question wrong, do you just want to quit?”
“Oh no, I’m getting that -£1,000 if it takes all day.”

No animations, just get Roy Walker to act the phrases out charades style.

Get rid of the questions, it’s just them playing darts and Jim Bowen counting money whilst talking to a bull.

Take Your Pick
There’s no gong in the Yes No game, it’s just Des asking questions and they can answer whatever they want.
“Well you’ve all got a full minute so you all go first.”

Total Wipeout
Take away the obstacle course. Just have a bunch of people running around in a field. The winner is the first one to realise how bad his life has turned out.

Get rid of the clock. They have the whole show to come up with a word.
“So what have you come up with?”
“CAT?! After a whole bloody hour all you have is cat!”

Wheel of Fortune
Remove the wheel. They just ask politely for the letters and everything’s over much quicker.

Family Fortunes
There’s no computer and thus no answers.
“Potato you say? Yes, that’s probably correct.”

Strike it Lucky
Forget the questions, everyone just races to the end of the set then the winner chooses how much money they want. Maybe, to make it more difficult, the front row of the audience would all be throwing things at them.

No questions, Alexander Armstrong just gets to know them for an hour. Although that’s not too dissimilar to the current show.

Tipping Point
Again, no questions. Just Ben Shepard wandering around an amusement arcade talking to old people playing on the machines.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire
This time there’s no money. The show would have to be renamed Who Wants to Answer Questions?
“Congratulations, you’ve answered 15 questions, see ya!”

There’s no questions in this one either. You just ask for a letter and if Bob likes you then he’ll let you have it.
“I’ll have a B please Bob.”
“Sure, here you go.”

Robot Wars
No robots. Just Craig Charles, Philippa Forrester and Jonathan Pearce fighting in the arena with the weapons they’ve made.

Play Your Cards Right
There’s no cards. Bruce just makes up the numbers.
“Did you see them cut the cards?”
“What cards?”

Deal or No Deal
Take away the boxes. It’s just people holding up a card with a certain amount written on.
“Well, since he’s got the £250,000, I’ll take Terry please.”

Bruce’s Price is Right
Forget the prices. It’s just Bruce giving away prizes for half an hour.
“Would you like that car?”
“Then it’s yours. Good game.”

Celebrity Squares
Get rid of the celebrities. It’s just members of the public in the squares.
“I’d like top right and John from Brighton please.”

Hole in the Wall
Simple, get rid of the hole.
“Bring on the wall!”

Instead of buzzers, the contestants have to raise their hand and shout “Me! Pick me!”

The Weakest Link
Instead of voting, the contestants just fight each other. Winner stays on. The finalist has to fight Anne Robinson.

Blankety Blank
Instead of blanking out one word they leave that word in and blank out the rest of the sentence.
“Blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank puddle.”
“Is it ‘Yesterday I went to town and stepped in a puddle’?”
“Oh, you were so close! It was actually ‘Yesterday I went to town and jumped in a puddle.’ Sorry Julie, you don’t win the chequebook and pen.”

Combining Gameshows

Some gameshows have elements that would work well in another gameshow, so why not combine two shows and have twice the fun.

Price is Right & Generation Game
“What is it? Cuddly toy? How much d’you think it’s worth? Too late, it’s gone now. Right, now what’s this? A TV? Now we’re going to play a game to see if you can win that TV… oh wait, forget it love, it’s gone. Nice try.”

Strike it Lucky & Total Wipeout
They have to run across the obstacle course while Michael Barrymore asks them questions and the audience shoot things at them. The ‘hot points’ are hot.

Strike it Lucky & The Chase
Again, you have to get to the other side but Mark Labett is running after you… holding a chainsaw.

Deal or No Deal & Play Your Cards Right
“I’d like box number 6 please Noel.”
“Higher or lower than a 6?!”

Family Fortunes & Pointless
Just Alexander Armstrong talking to all the family members for half an hour. Richard provides the computer buzzer noise.

Countdown & Wheel of Fortune
You spin the wheel and you’ve got until it stops to make up a word from the letters Jenny Powell is putting up.

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