New Power Rangers Logo and Costumes

The new logo and costumes were recently revealed for the 2017 ‘reboot’ of the Power Rangers. Though neither of us are massive Power Rangers fans, we grew up watching them on television and playing with the figures, so we have a right to an opinion on this new reboot. So join us as we both talk about the new Power Rangers logo and costumes, starting with Ben’s opinion on the new designs.

New Power Rangers Logo and Costumes suits

The logo, for me, kind of works. Yes it looks like an old cheap movie franchise, but wasn’t that essentially what Power Rangers was? The bevel effect seems to date the logo and the Saban name looks really out of place. However, in my opinion, this isn’t the worst thing about the new 2017 Power Rangers film. Oh no. What you really want to worry about is the new costumes.

New Power Rangers Logo and CostumesI was drawn to the photo of the new suits via Twitter and at first I didn’t even realise it was the Power Rangers. The suits as I remember them were brightly coloured with a white diamond on their chest. That was certainly the design on the action figures I had as a child. Although the outfits have evolved over the years with each new generation of Power Rangers, it has always been the same sort of spandex suits. Although they looked pretty cheap, they became iconic with the characters. Now with this new film, there’s been a gigantic leap of imagination, with a complete redesign.

The main issue I have with the new suits is that they look too robotic and high-tech. It looks like something you’d expect to see in a Marvel film; in fact they’re not too different from the Iron Man suit. The Power Rangers were never that kind of superhero. They were often just kids and it looked like they could’ve made the suits themselves, which was kind of what made them endearing, because they were on a realistic level. But now, they just look like a bunch of Robocops from outer space.

I can see why they’ve done it. Obviously they’re trying to bring them up-to-date and make them stand up against the bigger Marvel and DC superheroes that are dominating the cinemas in recent years. However, there are other avenues they could have explored. Spider-Man got away with his fabric suit – in fact, in Captain America: Civil War his costume goes back to the cheap-looking fabric, reminiscent of The Amazing Spiderman series from the late 70s. So clearly the Power Rangers could have gotten away with fabric suits, but instead the designers have gone crazy with power and as a result lost that classic, iconic look, which will no doubt upset a lot of nostalgic fans.

Next, let’s see what Mike has to say about the new suits and the logo.

I myself don’t mind the suits. Yes they look like someone just repainted an Iron Man suit and added a motorcycle helmet, but they’re better than those crappy spandex costumes they use in the TV show. To be fair, the budget for the show has always been so low that everything in it looks awful, so maybe I just like these suits by comparison.

But of course they would re-imagine the Power Rangers, they did the same for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – mind you they looked crap too. What I would have liked to see is just a new version of the old costumes, the helmets look similar enough, but the rest of the costumes do look like Iron Man rip offs, complete with the glowing heart thingy.

The main problem I have with the new Power Rangers is the logo.

New Power Rangers Logo and Costumes

What the hell is that? It looks so bland and boring. It looks like the logo to some over-budget 90’s superhero film. I mean who made that? It looks terrible, I’ve seen better animation in Veggietales. You know what comes to my mind when I see this? Turbo Man, the made up superhero in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Jingle All The Way. You know what I mean, the fake TV show that they made up for the film that parodied shows like Power Rangers. The logo to the new Power Rangers film looks like a logo to a Power Rangers parody! What the hell?! Actually now that I think about it I’d much rather see a Turbo Man movie. It truly is Turbo Time.

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