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The Rayce Farelle Theme

star wars battlefront rayce farelle

Whilst playing Star Wars Battlefront, there was one person who kept killing us. One man who shot us down every time we fought the rebels. When we turned a corner, he was there with a gun to our head. This unstoppable warrior with one of the greatest names ever inspired us so much. So this…

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Happy Pancake Day!

happy pancake day

As part of the Cooking For Blokes series, we’ve filmed a Pancake Day special, showing you a quick and easy way to make pancakes. As you can see, it kind of went wrong at the flipping stage, but we carried on with it, we thought it was still just as funny. We wouldn’t recommend having…

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‘Even More of Everything’ Available Now!

Our debut album, Even More of Everything is available to buy from The album consists of 18 Spoken Word Instrumentals written and recorded by us. Here’s a preview of one of the tracks:

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We Made The News!

Well, here’s something we never thought we’d be doing. We’re going to review a news article about… us! Here is a link to the article So, first of all we noticed that they made a poll out of it. God damn! Poll: Is this the best (or worst) political campaign song ever? So now they’ve…

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When Ben and Mike met Gary Sambrook

Our big break has finally come! Yes folks, the 13ft Kit Kat we ordered arrived today. But apparently that’s not very newsworthy. What is newsworthy is writing a song about a local campaigner, which we did. Yesterday the Birmingham Mail rung us up. Yeah, all 4 of them. And they told us they wanted to…

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Introducing… Gary Sambrook

Gary Sambrook

We recently discovered conservatory campaigner and local legend Gary Sambrook. Now, neither of us have ever really had any interest in politics, but we were intrigued enough by the newsletter we received last Saturday to find out what he was doing. And it turns out he’s doing a lot of good and working on important…

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Heavy Metal Christmas

We loved the idea of heavy metal versions of Christmas songs, so we created this. Heavy Metal Christmas. We do a few covers of Christmas songs in the heavy metal style and also show a sneak preview of another potential album.

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Lady Gaga’s New Hats

Based on a conversation between Ben & Mike We recently discovered some previously unseen designs for future hats for the pop singer and crazy-fashion idol Lady Gaga. So, in future you may see her wearing the following hats, which all follow the theme of ‘Animal Houses’… that’s assuming she doesn’t discover normal clothes in the…

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