The Ben and Mike glossary

We have so many phrases, references and in-jokes that we use all the time. Sometimes they come when one of us mishears the other one and says what we thought they said. Other times it can be referencing something someone has said or done. And occasionally we do hand gestures that we turn into sign…

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What we bought each other for Christmas 2017

Every year we make a list of categories and buy each other one present for each category. In previous years, we’d done 10 categories, but then we realised we were spending more on each other than we were our families, so this year we narrowed it down to five categories – one of them being…

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Most un-Christmassy Christmas songs

un-christmassy christmas songs

It’s Christmas time and there’s plenty of reason to be afraid. As you read this, stores are stocking up with copies of the latest Now That’s What I Call Christmas CDs, boasting all the Christmas favourites you’ve heard over and over again and are sick of despite the fact you only hear them one time…

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15 Great short horror films you can watch during your lunch break

Great short horror films you can watch during your lunch break

As it’s halloween, I’ve been getting into the mood by watching some horror films. There are lots of great classics out there, but people are too busy to watch long films these days. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of my favourite short horror films that are under 30 minutes. Enjoy! 1. Saw (2003) Length:…

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Why the Vanish Tip Exchange is a big flop

vanish tip exchange

I recently saw an advert for Vanish promoting their ‘Tip Exchange’ website. The ideas is that people share their tips on the blog and people comment. My immediate reaction was ‘Surely they’re all going to be the same thing, just saying to use Vanish on everything.’ This is pretty much how the advert portrays it,…

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What we got each other for Christmas 2015

Now that we’re older, we don’t get toys for Christmas anymore. It’s all socks and stationary, but we miss having cool things to play with over the festive period. So, a few years ago we set each other a challenge to £20 worth of gifts, but each item had to be under £3. It turned…

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