Based on a conversation between Ben & Mike

We recently discovered some previously unseen designs for future hats for the pop singer and crazy-fashion idol Lady Gaga. So, in future you may see her wearing the following hats, which all follow the theme of ‘Animal Houses’… that’s assuming she doesn’t discover normal clothes in the meantime. All of the hats will be available to buy shortly from all crappy clothes shops. Here are the details of Lady Gaga’s new hats:

1. The Kennel – £3,999.99

The first in the new line is based on a dog’s kennel. Perfect for protection from the rain/raging fans and covering up silly haircuts.

2. The Cage – £6,000

Next we have a metallic number inspired by a bird cage. Featuring optional little swing and mirror, the hat also includes newspaper flooring to give the wearer something to read (if they are able to read).

3. The Tank – £12,000,040

Then we have a risky number that is heavy and heavily influenced by a fish tank. Complete with water, this wet little number comes with optional goldfish, castle ornament and fish food extras.

4. The Hutch – 50p (ono)

And finally, the back-breakingly popular Hutch. Based on a rabbit’s hutch, this 2kg hat comes with free hay and a choice of scents; including carrot, wet lettuce and rabbit poop.

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