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Today, we went to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. What did we think? Find out now in our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review.

Since we’re both reviewing this at the same time, I (Ben) will talk in this font… and I’ll talk like this. Sounds like a plan. So, the film?

I went in with low expectations, which maybe means I enjoyed it more than I did. Often times, if I’m looking forward to a film, I know I’m not going to enjoy it that much. With the exception of Guardians of the Galaxy, I enjoyed that as much as I thought I would.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. The previous TMNT films now look pretty shoddy, but technology is better today. It’s pretty hard though to create a realistic looking 6ft anthropomorphic turtle. The CGI was pretty impressive actually.

I wasn’t keen on the opening. I think it was the animation, it was a really quick intro into it. You’re the turtles, you’re Shredder, let’s go. There wasn’t really much of an origins story to it.

The whole thing was an origins story!

Yeah, but that should have been at the start.

True. The origins bit was pretty good. I don’t much about the original origins, but it annoys me a bit that the girl who is investigating just happens to be the same girl who rescued them all those years ago. Surely the story can stretch to two different characters, no? Anyway, the plot was pretty strong and fairly well written.

I didn’t rate the writing much. What annoyed me more was that you didn’t really get a decent fight scene until like 40 minutes into it. The first one is just one of them flying about and you don’t really see anything, and the second one is all in darkness so again you can’t see it. I would have liked to have seen more.

tmnt megan fox april

I didn’t like how the film focussed on Megan Fox as April O’Neil. I’ve never thought she was a good actress, or that attractive even. She always has a dumb look on her face all the time.

It was really annoying how she saved the day in the end. That should be the job of the Turtles. They seem to be doing that a lot in films recently where it’s the human – that we can apparently relate to – who saves the day instead of the hero. That’s a stupid idea, cos it makes the heroes less… heroic.

I didn’t think much of the bloke [Vernon Fenwick, played by Will Arnett] either. I’ve only seen a few things with him in and every time he plays that same character. He’s not that likeable.

He was really annoying. Clearly trying to get with Megan Fox while she’s busy meeting the Turtles. If a girl is meeting 6ft mutant ninja turtles, don’t try and top that with cheesy chat up lines. Talking of characters, I felt the turtles themselves were over exaggerated. Like Donatello was super nerdy and Raphael was mega angry. The voices weren’t anywhere near the ones from the cartoon either, so it was a bit harder to accept them.

I think the reason for that is maybe they’re focussing a lot on the humans, so they need to get over the characters of the turtles really quickly and make it obvious that this is the cool one, this is the nerdy one and so on. I liked the voice acting. I thought that was alright. What did you think of Shredder’s new look?

tmnt 2014 shredder

Hm. Yeah. It’s a bit much. I mean there was nothing wrong with the original costume. But these days they seem to think they need to update everything and add more crap to it. Like the turtles, they had loads of accessories on, which was a bit off putting.

It was very different to what I remember of the 90s. He looks Soul Caliber character now. Blistering, bright shiny silver with loads of blades. We didn’t really see much of him as a villain cos he only had a few scenes where he was fighting people. I think the whole thing was a bit rushed. Mainly cos they were showing bloody Megan Fox too much.

You really don’t like her do you.

I don’t. Ever since Transformers. She’s not that attractive. She’s there to be attractive, y’know to make up for the lack of acting ability.

I think that’s a bit much, she’s not that bad. I liked her jacket, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yellow leather jacket before. Yellow’s my favourite colour y’know. I like yellow.

Pfft, you like girl’s jackets more like.


It was nice to see Whoopie Goldberg again, even if it was a small roll. That’s one of the few things I liked about the Muppets film too.

Yeah, she’s great. So, what did you think of it overall?

It was alright, but I wouldn’t see a sequel.

I probably would, just for something new to watch. They set up the next one pretty well at the end.

What did you think of the film?

I liked it. It wasn’t amazing, I won’t queue up outside HMV to buy the DVD, but it was nice to watch.

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Our rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) [divider top=”no” size=”1″ margin=”10″]

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