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There’s lots of strange music videos out there, so Mike has chosen 10 of the strangest music videos to share with you today. And here they are:

The Darkness – Growing on Me

The Darkness had a few odd music videos, and this, in my opinion, is perhaps their strangest video.

The video starts off with a dragon raping a space ship. I’ll just give you a second to re-read that last sentence. Done that? Good. The ship flies over a land inhabited by fair maidens where it lays four eggs. These eggs hatch (from the outside in for some reason) and out step child version of The Darkness. The kids run off and get into a helicopter (which just happens to be there), fly off, but are struck by lightning, which turns them into adults. I don’t know how, but remember, they’ve just hatched from eggs as fully clothed children, so I don’t think it really matters. They luckily land next to a big luxurious house where they decide to perform some music in the bathroom…

…while the lead singer has a bath.

Other shots in the video include Justin Hawkins, the lead singer, in a bed (again naked), being carried by the dragon from earlier, then, for some reason, on a horse, kinda like that Old Spice advert. The rest of the video is just them performing the song around the house.
This was the first in what I call The Darkness trilogy, from here it moves on to I Believe in a Thing Called Love, which features the band fighting against a giant crab and a giant squid in space, which is pretty weird also. Then it ends with Friday Night, which, despite having a video, wasn’t released as a single.

SFX – Lemmings

It was the early nineties, Eurodance was in the charts, and Lemmings had not long been released, so why wouldn’t anyone cross the two over and make a Eurodance song about the game Lemmings? Here’s why.

I’m not sure what’s weirder, the video, or the song. I have no idea what possessed these people to make a song about Lemmings. Lemmings doesn’t need a song. In fact, any game franchise doesn’t need a song based on it. You wouldn’t base a game on a song, so why make a song based on a game?
Anyway, with that off my chest, let’s move onto the video itself. It seems to take place in a world where nothing else exists except the Lemmings game. The lead singer of SFX, basically explains the gameplay in the form of song, whilst sitting in front of a computer and not actually playing the game.

He’s not quite got the hand of that pink PC.

And even when he is seen playing the game, he’s just randomly moving the mouse around. Plus, the guy looks odd, he looks out of place in the nineties, he looks like he’s just arrived from the seventies, which would explain why he doesn’t seem to be able to use the PC.
The song also features audio clips of the Lemmings speaking, and so in the video, a Lemming puppet appears to say these lines, which consist of “Oh no. Let’s go. Teeheehee. Geronimo!” But you wouldn’t have got that from reading the puppet’s lips, on account of the puppet’s lips barely moving when it speaks. Then we get to see what the Lemmings would look like if they were real:

Christ! Those things are creepy. The Lemmings in the game are cute little thing, sure they look odd, but I’d never be fearful that one could kill me! These things are hideous! Our lead singer is later sucked into the game where he is surprisingly nonchalant and continues singing. The video continues this way until the band SFX are dancing with the two monstrous giant Lemmings.

“I want your soul!”

With some terrible camera work, and even worse green screen effects, SFX’s Lemmings has to be one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen, and one of the most nonsensical songs I’ve ever heard.

Genesis – Land of Confusion

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the band Genesis? Phil Collins? Their US number one Invisible Touch? Well if you said puppets, you’re right!

If you don’t know, those puppets are from a 1980’s sketch show called Spitting Image, and featured the voices of Chris Barrie, Harry Enfield, John Sessions and many others. Why they’re in this video I haven’t the foggiest idea.
The video starts with Ronald Regan and his wife Nancy in bed. Ronald rests his head, falls asleep, and dreams about the video for Land of Confusion.

Genesis even appear as puppets in the movie. Except Phil Collins, I’m pretty sure that’s actually him in the middle.

Reagan starts drowning in his own sweat while he sleeps, but in his dreams he’s Superman, running to save the day, only to be stopped by a dinosaur who he then watches Spitting Image with.

Either that or it’s a clip from the upcoming movie The Butler, and that’s actually Alan Rickman.

But all of this fails to answer our question. Why the hell is Spitting Image in a Genesis video? Well, it started when Phil Collins say his puppet on the show, and asked the show’s creators to make puppets of the rest of the band for the video. Simple as. It’s a good thing they did it too, because I couldn’t think of anything more suitable for the video.
Disturbed would later cover the song, and release their own video for it. Only their video was a little different.

[Ben: I have fond memories of singing along to this in first lesson every morning at school with Andrew.]

David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling

Watching this video, you would think that rather than being hooked on a feeling, the director was hooked on heroin when he directed this film.

David Hasselhoff is famous for Bay Watch, Knight Rider, and for seemingly not realising everyone is laughing at him, but then again, ignorance is bliss, as the old saying goes.
Well, it seems that the Hoff was a bit more ignorant than we’d have thought, not realising how bad this video is n’all, and for allowing this thing to be released to the public. This is one of those videos that is less strange and more so bad it’s good. Only in this case, it’s just so bad it’s very very bad.
The video is just him singing (badly) in front of a green screen being stalked by two angels, possibly to take him off to Heaven, or Purgatory if we’re lucky. In fact, it’s so bad it looks like it’s been shat out in less than a day.

David being visited by angels. And two dogs for whatever reason.

This seems to be it, until we see David singing on a boat, because this whole thing can’t just be green screen I guess. Then, David is seen standing on a motorbike while an alien just passes by in the background for no reason whatsoever.

I have nothing to say about this image.

By the end of this scene, David Hasselhoff is flying, and that’s when you realise that they’re just taking the piss. This isn’t a serious video, it can’t be. They just told David to do stuff in front of the green screen then they chucked in random nonsense! The video escalates, with multiple Hoffs on the screen at the same time, we travel through the various locations seen in the video. And that’s how it ends.

Oh but don’t worry, the alien pops up again by the end.

Pet Shop Boys – Always on my Mind

The Pet Shop Boys cover of Elvis Pressley’s Always on my Mind was a big hit for them back in 1987. After performing it on an Elvis Pressley tribute show, they decided to release it as a single, giving them their third number one and a Christmas number one. Huh, a non-Christmas related song getting the Christmas number one, you couldn’t imagine that happening today could you?

But for a fairly straight forward song, the video isn’t so straight forward. It’s a case of the video not being suitable for the song. There’s nothing wrong with the video, but it’s essentially just Neil Tennant (lead singer of the Pet Shop Boys) sitting in a taxi singing to the song which is playing on the radio.

The video is actually an excerpt from the Pet Shop Boys’ surreal feature length movie It Couldn’t Happen Here. The clip was released as the song’s video, and features prominent British actor Joss Ackland, who sits in the back of the taxi and whose first lines are “I smell youth.” Because what else would he say.
Throughout the video Ackland comes out with such lines as “I’m a bilingual illiterate, I can’t read in two languages.” And “I wrote a song once myself you know, but I can’t read music, so I don’t know what it is.” But other than that, it’s just them, sitting in a taxi driving down a road.

Pictured: the entire video

While Neil Tennant does display some emotion when singing the song (sadly his performance in the movie itself is less than adequate), the video is still just them giving a wise cracking Joss Ackland a lift.
The video ends with Joss Ackland saying “Stop the car, I’m getting out. You are no longer here.” He exits the car, quotes a line from the song from the Pet Shop Boys What Have I Done To Deserve This, and the video ends… And that’s it.

The Residents – Constantinople

The Resident’s aren’t what you’d call a normal band, and from the outset of this video, we know that neither the song nor the video itself are going to be normal.

Opening with a fat CGI man falling from the sky (because why not?), we quickly jump to this:

Sleep well

From here, we slowly zoom out to reveal that the head is being held by a bug-eyed skeleton man in a tuxedo, while in the background, a group of men with eyes for heads also dressed in tuxedos stand holding instruments.
I should explain that The Residents are in fact an experimental art band, so don’t expect this video to get any less strange. In fact, that’s pretty much it. The rest of the video is shots of the fat guy falling, along-side shots of the singing head, until one of the band members catches the fat guy.

I love a happy ending

Daft Punk – Prime Time of your Life

Daft Punk is partly known for it’s music videos, which include elaborate dance numbers, anime characters, and this:


Yes, the video for “Technologic” from their 2005 album Human After All, but that wasn’t the weirdest video that came from that album, that accolade goes to this video for the song “Prime Time of your Life”:

The video, in case you didn’t watch it, shows a little girl in her bed watching TV, and on every channel, all she sees are skeletons. Everywhere, skeletons reading the weather, skeletons smacking their skeleton wives, even skeletons selling fitness equipment.

Something tells me he’s been on that thing for far too long.

She gets out of bed, walks over to a dresser and we see some framed photos of her with her family and friends, all of which are skeletons, and that’s when we notice that she’s pretty fat. She goes into the bathroom, opens a draw, and pulls out a razor blade. She then cuts her hand, but there’s no blood, and she just pulls the skin off her hand like it was an old rubber glove.
She then cuts off her face, and pulls away her skin until it’s just her muscle and bone exposed. Understandably, she collapses, which is when her parents run in and find her lying on the bathroom floor, before the camera pans round to the girl’s dresser, where we see the photos we saw previously have now changed. There are no skeletons, and the girl isn’t fat. In the final scene, we see the girl as a skeleton, waving to two more skeletons before running to engage in a game of jump rope, and we’re all left thinking “…what the fuck was that?!”
The video has a creepiness to it, and is far more bizarre than the “Technologic” video, and more disturbing too. It has a noticeably low budget, and feels like an American TV soap opera, one that features skeletons and self-mutilation.

Also, bonus points to those who spot the skeleton Britney Spears.

Nine Inch Nails – Closer

What would you expect from an industrial rock band called Nine Inch Nails and a song that features the lyrics “I want to fuck you like an animal.”?

This, apparently

That is, in case you’re wondering, is a heart attached to a chair, and there’s plenty more where that came from!

The video for Closer features a whole cavalcade of disturbing and bizarre imagery, ranging from sexual imagery like fetish gear, a diagram of a vagina, and a bald naked woman, to the repulsive and distressing, such as a severed pig’s head, the heart on the chair, and a crucified monkey. Oh yeah, there’s a crucified monkey in that video.
The song is pretty much about Trent Reznor, the lead singer of NIN, singing about his animal urges, which helps the video, with it’s animalistic and sexual images, make perfect sense. Still doesn’t make it any less bizarre though.

A sexy look

Robbie Williams – Rock DJ

Robbie Williams? What’s so weird about him? He’s fairly normal isn’t he? He’s not like Lady Gaga wearing meat dresses or the Pet Shop Boys wearing cones on their heads, so why is Robbie on this list? He’s why:

The video starts with Robbie in a hole, which is probably the best place for him. From here he’s raised out the ground to see a bunch of sexy women roller skating around in circles. He starts gyrating, and stripping off, because what else would you do when surrounded by sexy ladies? Eventually, he’s just standing there naked, and yet none of the women pay any attention to him.
Okay, well, fairly normal video so far, sure it may include a naked man dancing in a circle of roller skating women, but hey, there are weirder videos out there right? You think that, and then this happens:


Yep, Robbie starts ripping his own skin off, because if stripping naked won’t turn on the ladies, horrifically mutilating yourself will. He then starts ripping his muscles and flesh off and throwing it at the women, who rub it on themselves, and even eat some of it. Because that’s what comes to mind when you think of Robbie Williams isn’t it?

Robbie Williams describing what he had to do to get a solo career

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Ponponpon

Japan is looked on by some Westerners as a weird and mysterious place, and often nonsensical, but this video is weird even for Japan.
The video starts with Kyary standing in a room full of toys, then, off-screen, a microphone floats out of a giant ear, which Kyary catches and begins singing into… Wait, let me re-read that last sentence… yeah, that’s what I thought I typed.

The video doesn’t make any sense, I don’t think, unless she’s singing about toys, sweets, and a dancing brain.


Things escalate quickly, and soon we’re met with this image:

21. Complete with dancing brains

Despite the crazy shit going on, the song is kinda catchy (y’know, if you’re insane or something), and even comes with it’s own dance (which is hard to do if you’re in a straitjacket).
And the video doesn’t let up, from here it continues to get stranger until it’s almost like doing acid at a live taping of The Teletubbies.


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