It’s something that’s been nagging me for a while. It’s been festering and growing in my brain like a tumour, and the only way I can get rid of it is by writing about it. So, here it is, I’m going to do a Sadie J review.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m jabbering about (I’m guessing a lot of you), Sadie J is a kid’s show on CBBC. It stars Georgia Lock as the title character, TV actor Steve Speirs as her dad, and Mel Giedroyc of Mel & Sue fame. She doesn’t play an important character in the show, but she’s the only one who has done anything else.

The show is about Sadie Jenkins, or the Sasster as she’s known (for some reason) and her two friends, Kit, a flamboyant camp amateur actor (think Louis Spence) and Dede, the generic nerd. The first series documents her attempts to become popular. And not much else happens really. In one episode she gets invited to a cheerleaders (or cheer-ups) party (or partay), but she’s already promised Dede she’d go to a sci-fi convention with her, and promised Kit she’d go to some other thing with him. So what does she do? She goes to the cheerleaders’ party and doesn’t give a toss about her two best friends.

So yeah, she’s not very nice. In one episode she gets tickets to a JLS concert, and instead of taking her dad (because I’m sure a middle aged man would LOVE a JLS concert), she takes Dede’s mum, because she seems cooler,  while Sadie’s dad agree to help Dede build a robot (why Dede’s dad doesn’t help I don’t know). But when she discovers that Dede’s mum is less cool than her own dad (because, y’know, that’s what matters, how cool someone is, even if it’s your own family member), she decides to get her dad back by ruining Dede’s robot. Because that’s what best friends do!

Things change a little in series two when Sadie falls in love with a guy called Taylor. Why does she love him? Because he’s hot of course! What? Did you think it was because he was smart or caring or romantic? Don’t be stupid! It’s all about how sexy you are these days. In fact, she does a good job of reminding us about how cute he is throughout the series.

When Sadie finds out that Taylor already has a girlfriend, she decides to, get this, break them up! Even as I typed that I couldn’t quite believe it. It’s okay though because his girlfriend, Ashlii, is a bitch. Yeah. Nothing else, just a total bitch. It’s good to see that writers these days don’t put any thought into their work just because it’s for kids and fill it up with one dimensional characters.

She continues to try and seduce Taylor up until the third episode when Kit’s cousin comes to town and Sadie, I guess, finds him more titillating, and tries to attract him instead. I mean, my God! What kind of whore is this? Going from one guy to another. Taylor isn’t in this episode, so no relation between her and him is built, and Kit’s cousin isn’t seen after this, making this episode completely pointless. Thanks writers!

And another example of how much a bitch Sadie is to her friends, in one episode her friend Dede is running for the position of head girl (whatever that is), and to prove to Dede that she isn’t an idiot (or something, I forget), she also runs for this position, and after bribing the person who choses who gets the position, Sadie wins, even though she doesn’t actually want the position. What kind of message does that give to children? Ruin your friend’s life just to prove a point even though you didn’t prove any point because you cheated?

There are too many episodes like this, where she tries to ruin something for someone so she herself can gain from it, and the best example is the wedding episode, Bridealicious. Oh yeah, that’s another thing, the show makes up words like bridealicious and pompomtastic. In fact, the Sadie J page on the CBBC website actually has a list of these ridiculous made up words, and what they mean. For example:


Something that is amazing in a Cheryl Cole sort of way. For example: “Your hair is so big and wavy, it’s totally Cherylistic”

I suppose you could alternatively say “it’s totally annoying and attention seeking.”

Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about that wedding episode. Well, Sadie’s aunt comes from America for a wedding, and she wants Sadie to be a bridesmaid. Well, that’s pretty kind of her, I mean, that’s kind of a privilege isn’t it? Not to Sadie, because she seems to be under the impression that the day has to be about her rather than the bride herself. When she realises her aunt is a big fat biker, she has second thought, and when she is given the bridesmaid dress, she is disgusted to see that, for some reason, random sh*t has been sewn onto it. So does she bring this up to the bride to be and offer her opinion? Don’t ask silly questions, this is Sadie J we’re talking about. She tears all of the crap off of the dress and ruins it.

Although, it turns out she’s actually made it better, and things seem to be going her way until she sees the car her aunt wants to be driven to the church in. It’s a horrible wreck, but does Sadie think well it is her big day, so I suppose if this is what she wants, then she deserves to get what she wants? What did I tell you about silly questions? No, she thinks I won’t even be seen dead in that car. Shame really I was hoping to see her dead in it. So she decides to trash the car. And yes, you did read that right. She grabs a hammer (or some equally heavy object) and attempts to smash it to pieces, only to be stopped by her aunt. We then find out that the car previously belonged to her deceased mother (I assume she’s deceased, this is the only episode that mentions her, talk about character development), and it is because of this car that her parents met.

Another annoying thing is all the pop-culture references. References to Cheryl Cole, Lady GaGa, and Justin Bieber fill the f*cking show. In fact, in her bedroom she has a poster of Justin Bieber, and a Twilight poster. What?! That just doesn’t make sense. Justin Bieber fans are all just stupid kids, while Twilight fans are all depressed emo’s. Pixie Lott even appears in the last episode. Well, I say appear, she just says one or two lines while following the cameraman out of a building. It just looks like the cameraman saw her and asked her to just say something but she was too much in a hurry to stop. It’s not an appearance as she doesn’t appear with any of the characters, and her bit lasts only a few seconds. What a waste of a not very famous singer.

So, yeah, as you may have guessed, the show isn’t very good at all. The characters are horrible and one dimensional, some of the acting is pretty bad, the storylines aren’t very engaging and focus around either Sadie trying to become popular or get on TV/meet someone famous, and the episode is full of lots of moving and colours. But, despite this, it is kind of addictive.

Even though it’s everything I stand against, there’s something which makes me watch it sometimes. Maybe it’s the character of Sadie, because although she’s horrible, and deceitful, and she lies and blackmails people, she’s still an underdog. She’s the unpopular kid, the kind every school has, and I think a lot of girls her age and younger can relate to her. And Georgia Lock’s not a bad actress. In the first episode of series two she’s reduced to tears over her crush on Taylor and, she even shares a brief moment with her dad. But these moments are few and far between.

I don’t blame the actors for portraying crap characters, I blame the writers. Just because it’s a kid’s show doesn’t mean the characters have to be so simple and one dimensional. Great kid’s shows like Eerie, Indiana had interesting and realistic characters, and engaging stories. It was funny, it was scary, and it was weird.

Despite how bad it often is, it’s become a popular show. And expect to see more of Sadie and her annoying ways, because a third series is to be released next year, and even a CD Soundtrack, featuring Dani Harmer from Tracy Beaker, Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepson, and Jessie J (no relation).

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