In the mid-00’s, there was a show which came about that attracted even a teenage audience, and I was one of them. The show was Lazytown, and a fair few people I spoke to said that they too enjoyed this guilty pleasure. But why was it so popular? Well I’m gonna hopefully find out why as I review Lazytown.

The show is based in a small town known as Lazytown. I was going to mention that it was a fictional show, but I didn’t because you’re not idiots. As you may have guessed, everyone in Lazytown is lazy, that is until generic lead girl, I mean Stephanie, arrives in town, and in a bid to get the town active again by recruiting sports enthusiast superhero, Sportacus (GEDDIT?).

>Stephanie is your usual, run of the mill American teen girl. She loves dancing, the colour pink, and most probably ponies as well. Her love of all things girly (because that’s what girls are like, really girly and smelly) means she’s actually dyed her hair pink. You’re probably thinking how could her parents let her dye her hair pink? Does the fact that her uncle is a puppet answer your question? Yeah, her uncle is actually a puppet, so I’m guessing her parents are too.

In fact, Lazytown, despite being such a large place, is inhabited by just a handful of puppets. There’s the mayor of Lazytown, Mayor Meanswell (GEDDIT?), and his secretary Miss Busybody (GEDDIT?). There’s also Ziggy, a fat kid who loves candy, Stingy, who’s rich but doesn’t like to share (…hm? Oh, oh yeah. GEDDIT?), Trixie, who’s a bit of a trouble maker (I’d say GEDDIT? again but I can’t actually remember any tricks she’s played, plus I’ve used that joke too many times now), and Pixel, a computer whiz kid. So that’s all of the basic stereotypes there, all we need is a cool kid and a black kid going DAMN!

The odd thing is that none of these characters, most of which are children, have parents. The only adults in the town are the mayor and his secretary, and yet the kids are always in some sort of peril. You’d think that in a town with no traffic, no pollution, and no possible hazards, that everyone would be fine. And that’s another thing, if there’s no one else in this town then where does that fat kid get his candy from? There are a lot of plot holes like that in this show, so I’m just gonna skip them.

The other two actual humans in this show include Sportacus, a sports obsessed superhero who just loves to show the f*ck off. At every chance he gets he’ll show off. He’ll be running to save someone and he’ll be flipping and jumping all over the place. Someone’d be falling off a building and he’ll be running to save them only to stop and show everyone his double back somersault.

The other actual person in this town is called Robbie Rotten, a weird looking camp Batman-esc villain who wants to make Lazytown lazy again. Well that doesn’t sound too bad, I mean, the town is called Lazytown. And he’s only trying to make them lazy, which is better than wanting to take over the world for no specific reason.

One thing that always got me about the show is the bit in the intro, where Robbie Rotten has dug a massive hole for Sportacus to fall in. When Sportacus jumps and does a flip over the hole (show off), Robbie runs after him, only to fall in the hole himself. A bit of harmless slapstick you may think, but all I could think was how did Robbie forget about that hole that you must have spent hours digging?

It’s a silly show, but it’s also somehow appealing. The acting is silly and over the top, but this adds to the show rather than take away from it, and reminds one of the old sixties Batman. It’s bright and colourful enough to keep kids attention, but also has a message to give them. Don’t be lazy and sit around watching TV all day. Ironic really. Surely if we weren’t lazy we wouldn’t be watching TV.

But the show is really enjoyable, especially for kids, and has some good songs in it. It’s full of dancing and sports and stuff like that, and is intended to make kids more active. I don’t think they make the show anymore, because I’ve only ever seen Lazytown Extra on TV now, which, ironically, is a lazier version of the show.

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