freeze out review

As you may know, I like my game shows. I’m a big fan of Tipping Point and The Chase, so when I saw that ITV have temporarily replaced The Chase with a new game show, Freeze Out, I was keen to find out if it was any good. Find out if it is in my Freeze Out review.

The two times I watched the show, I missed the first 15 minutes, but from the remaining 45, I’m guessing I didn’t miss much. The premise of the show is a general knowledge quiz with an air-hockey type table with ice as the main gimmick.

In the first round – well, the first one I saw anyway – the contestants have to answer questions to win ‘sliders’ to slide on the table to land on their ‘shard’. Once a player has landed on all their shards, they are through to the next round. The sem-final round is more like a game of bowls on a table. The two contestants have to get as many sliders as they can inside the centre circle. In the final, the contestant answers questions to win sliders, which they then have to use in a darts-type game. They have to get the slider inside the rings which decrease in size to win an allocated amount of money. If there is a tie, the contestants have to have a overconfidently named ‘super slide off’ to decide the winner. So, that’s the game. As games go, it’s not too bad. There’s a certain amount of skill involved and the general knowledge questions bring that quiz element, but there’s just no entertainment value in it.

The prize is a jackpot of £10,000, although the odds of winning this are very slim, with the contestant having to land the slider on a circle the same size as the slider, so the two I saw left with £1,000 and £4,000. The jackpot is the same as Tipping Point, but not as much as is available to win on The Chase. It’s still a good amount of money though.

Now to the host, Mark Durden-Smith. As presenters go, he’s a very professional host; very calm and collected. However, this isn’t really what you want in a game show presenter. You want someone entertaining like Braldey Walsh or Roy Walker who make jokes and play along with you. Mark Durden-Smith has got no real personality. His tone rarely exceeds the ‘content’ level and even when he tries to get excited it just seems fake.

freeze out review

Durden-Smith is joined by the ‘Ice Judge’, played by former football referee Uriah Rennie. The name is meant to be both a nod to the show’s theme and a nickname for Rennie’s character because of his icy personality. Thing is, it doesn’t look like he has an icy personality, it just looks like an unsociable guy who’s really uncomfortable being there. Durden-Smith makes frequent jokes about the Ice Judge, saying things like “The Ice Judge is clearly very excited” while Rennie is standing there with a blank expression. This is probably meant to be the comic relief for the episode, but it doesn’t really work and it just looks like he’s trying to insult the Ice Judge, who I reckon seems like a nice enough chap. The show also lacks an audience, which makes Durden-Smith’s terrible jokes even more pointless.

Overall, I’d say that the show isn’t really that exciting. The contestants are all as dull as the host and the theme isn’t that good. I’d recommend you watch it if you want something to watch while The Chase isn’t on, but if you want a good game show, switch over to Challenge for one of the classics.

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Our rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5) [divider top=”no” size=”1″ margin=”10″]

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