Frankie Valli Concert Review

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing my favourite singer, Frankie Valli, live. I know I’m young and should be listening to new bands, but I prefer older music, because a lot of it is much better. I love the music of the Four Seasons, and Frankie Valli’s voice is a unique and wonderful sound.

We – my friend, Michael Goodwin, and I – got to the Genting Arena about an hour early, so we sat and had a drink. We’d been making a lot of jokes about being the youngest ones here and how all the audience would be old people. “The merchandise stand will probably be catheter bags and Worther’s originals.” I said. However, we noticed that there were an odd few young people there about our age. Clearly Valli appeals to all generations.

We were sat in Block 8, row YY, which is as far back as it sounds. Although we had a good view of the band, it would’ve been nice to sit nearer so we could clearly see them. The show was set to start at 8:00pm, although it started 10 minutes late. The show opened with a montage on a big screen of Valli in the Four Seasons and his solo career. This led straight into the first song, Grease, as Frankie Valli himself entered the stage.

His voice was as good as ever. Although different to his younger voice – more of a rough, higher tone – it was still the same unique tone. The only area he did seem to struggle with was singing falsetto. Valli – and the Four Seasons sound – is well known for his falsetto, in songs like Sherry, Walk Like A Man and Big Girls Don’t Cry. However, as he’s getting on a bit and no doubt had health issues, he’s now unable to belt out those high notes in his trademark falsetto voice. He still managed to sing falsetto in a few songs – the first notable one being Stay – but it was a bit of a shame that it didn’t sound as good, although you can’t blame the octogenarian for that.

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Valli and the band performed a mix of Four Seasons classics, his own solo hits and a few covers. I’d gone to the show not hoping for any songs in particular, as I was aware that the more obscure Four Seasons songs would not likely be played, but the set list was very impressive and really pleased the crowd. Four Seasons songs included Dawn, Stay, Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like A Man, Beggin’, Who Loves You, Tell It To The Rain, Silence Is Golden, Working My Way Back To You, Ragdoll, Opus 17, Let’s Hang On and Oh What A Night. Just writing that list out reminds me how many Four Seasons songs they did! They were all great choices, with a more updated sound to them, making them just as good as any contemporary music out there today. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Tell It To The Rain and they started Sherry with an acapella chorus/verse, which was a nice treat to hear.

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Valli’s solo hits included Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, My Eyes Adored You, Fallen Angel, Save It For Me, The Night, Grease and Swearin’ To God. One of the highlights of the night for me has to be Fallen Angel. It’s already a lovely song, but Valli sung it with such emotion and power that it really sounded quite special.

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Although we were seated for most of the night, there were a few songs for which people stood up and danced. It started with Oh What A Night, during which everyone (including myself and Goodwin) got up to sing and dance along. It was such a great atmosphere. After this we sat down for Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, before standing again for Sherry and the other songs that followed. As I mentioned, Valli’s voice is getting on a bit, so he did get the audience singing along a lot during the big hits. I think I surprised the little old woman next to me, because while everyone was singing along normally, I was singing the falsetto parts in falsetto. I didn’t care though, I was enjoying myself.

The night closed with Let’s Hang On, during which Valli shook hands with people who wandered up to the stage. He was such a charming man, shaking dozens of people’s hands because he knew what it would mean to them.

Overall, I really enjoyed the night, as did Goodwin. Valli proved that he is still one of the best singers out there and we had a lot of fun singing and dancing along. If you haven’t heard any of his music – and I doubt very much that you won’t have heard at least a couple of his songs – then I really suggest that you check it out.

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Our rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) [divider top=”no” size=”1″ margin=”10″]

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