It’s bank holiday Monday, and you know what that means: lots of good films on the television for all the family to enjoy on their day off. Except there isn’t. What there actually is, is the same old daytime television, including a new gameshow called Draw It.

Based on the once popular app Draw Something, Draw It is basically Pictionary for unemployed people. It is produced by Victory Television, who have brought us such classics as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and such rubbish as 5 Minutes To A Fortune. It’s presented by Mel Giedroyc, of whom I was already not a big fan, but this show has made me hate her even more. She’s one of those ‘presenters’ that tries to be funny and ‘cool’ and (oh god I hate this word) ‘quirky’. What she actually ends up being is annoying and irritating. She talks throughout the whole show, which means when the contestants are trying to play under pressure, she’s there jabbering on about the rules and “Ooh, what could it be? He’s using lemon. He’s drawing something, is that allowed?”

draw it review mel

At first, second and thirty fourth glance it looks quite low budget. In the background are a number of ‘bad copies’ of famous artworks. But it does just look like they couldn’t be bothered and got a five year old in to design the set. In fact, no, that’s offensive to five year olds.

draw it review

The premise of the game is that somebody draws something and the other team member guesses it. Simple as that. Mel points out several times that these are the only rules… and then goes on to list a load of other rules, like the ‘word jumbler’, which essentially turns the game into Boggle, and the players get an anagram of the word to help them figure it out. This makes the game so much easier, as they all got it within seconds of seeing the anagram.

The teams are made up of one ‘celebrity’ and one ‘slightly more tolerable member of the public’. The trailer I saw for the show only showed clips of the celebrities – one of them being Tim Vine, which admittedly was the only reason I tuned in, in case he was on it. The ‘celebrities’ for this week (apparently they’re on there every day for the week) were the guy off Strictly Come Dancing, Anton Duvet, and some other allegedly famous woman called Nadia, who for the first 10 minutes I thought they were calling Narnia. The other celebrities they have lined up include Louis Spence (of course he’s in it, he’s never off channel 4), Stacey Solomon-Burke (her singing career’s going really well apparently) and Christopher Biggins (it’s written into his contract that he has to appear in everything on TV). The contestants were your typical people, one guy and one girl. They didn’t seem that excited to be there and weren’t very into the game at all. There was also probably an audience, but we never got to see them – they probably didn’t want to be seen watching this crap.

The first round is rather unimaginatively called ‘Contestant Quick Draw’, during which the contestant draws stuff and the ‘celebrity’ guesses it. They had 90 seconds and they were very slow. They kept wasting time choosing a background colour and different pen colours. Why on earth do you need a pink background to draw a cucumber?! “I haven’t a clue what it is… oh, pink background, it’s a cucumber!” Another one was a TV set, and the non-celebrity decided to do it in red pen on a green background. Why?! The worst was when the girl drew using a light brown pen on a yellow – or lemon as Mel insisted on calling it – background. I’m surprised Anton Quebec got it, cos I couldn’t see a damn thing.

draw it review anton

There was also a round where everyone had to guess the word from a picture that viewers had drawn on the ‘Draw It App’, something I’d never even heard of. Only I had heard of it, but it was actually called ‘Draw Something’. I bet the producers were happy she got that wrong. It was a nice idea to use people’s drawings as part of the show though. I suppose it’s nearly getting on TV isn’t it. It’s like the Art Attack gallery for boring people. These drawings were very detailed though, and most of them were faces. How they got them I don’t know, cos it didn’t look anything like Angelina Jolie.

A woman called Adele got through to the final, and as Mel kept on pointing out, her name and Anton’s name both started with an A! I mean if that’s not going to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, nothing is. The loser got a ‘word jumble’ t-shirt, as modelled (very badly) by Mel. Yeah, cos we all need more gameshow consolation-prize t-shirts don’t we, especially if it’s from a gameshow that nobody’s ever heard of and has an unimportant part of the show on it. In the final, Adele had to draw 3 words – an easy, medium and hard word – and Anton had to guess them correctly, which he did in 20 of the allotted 60 seconds. So not that hard then.

So in conclusion, did I like this show? No. The host was unbearable, the contestants were idiotic, the celebrities weren’t celebrities, it wasn’t even boring. Having played the app and gotten pretty bored of it, I imagine this show will get tedious quite quickly. I’m finding it very hard to think of something positive to say… nope, got nothing.

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  1. Jean robertson on 09/06/2014 at 1:31 pm

    I usually watch TV when I’m making tea for the grand kids and used to enjoy Deal or No deal, but this load of tripe is an insult to my intelligence even the kids think it’s downright silly

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