Vote Gary!

A few years ago, we discovered a conservatory campaigner and local legend called Gary Sambrook.

Now, neither of us have ever really had any interest in politics, but we were intrigued enough by the newsletter we received to find out what he was doing. And it turns out he's doing a lot of good and working on important issues that we ourselves have complained about over the years.

We thought he was a nice chap and it would be great to see him elected in the local election on 13th February 2014. So we've decided to support him.

Gary Sambrook

Who is Gary Sambrook?

Gary is a local conservative campaigner. We became aware of him through his InTouch newsletters which we received through the post one Saturday at Ben's house.

We had a bit of a laugh at it and made some jokes, but then when we read it we realised he has been fighting for some pretty important causes that also affect us (well, Ben), including trying to save the Kingstanding Leisure Centre swimming pool from being closed by Labour and fixing pot holes on various streets that Ben has been driven down many times.

You can learn more about Gary Sambrook here:

The song

To show our support, we wrote this song:

Little did we know that it would be so successful. First Gary liked it. Then the Birmingham Mail liked it and did a news article on it. Then Adrian Goldberg liked it and played it on his BBC Radio WM morning show. The Erdington Tories are also using it as part of the campaign and Gary has it as his ringtone. It's all rather exciting really.

The coverage

Here's us in the news...


You can read the online article here.

And here's our feature on Adrian Goldberg's show...