When Ben and Mike met Gary Sambrook

Our big break has finally come! Yes folks, the 13ft Kit Kat we ordered arrived today. But apparently that’s not very newsworthy. What is newsworthy is writing a song about a local campaigner, which we did.

Yesterday the Birmingham Mail rung us up. Yeah, all 4 of them. And they told us they wanted to write an article about our song-writing escapade. So this morning we were invited to the Kingstanding Leisure Centre (it’s like the Ritz of Birmingham) to finally meet our now ‘best friend’ Gary Sambrook and have our photo taken with him for the article.

So we got to the leisure centre… late. We met Gary who was as nice a chap as we had thought. Then the photographer came and took some photos of us in various poses, some of them improvised by us. We couldn’t resist being silly. I think it took him twice as long as a normal job because of having to keep telling Mike not to look scary and Ben keep correcting him that the ‘guitar’ was in fact a baritone ukulele. But this is us, so a photo wasn’t enough. Oh no. We serenaded poor Gary Sambrook in front of the residents of Kingstanding. All 4 of them. Sorry, we already did that joke.

The morning was fun, we had a good laugh and I think we certainly made a unique impression on them. And hopefully the Birmingham Mail will be kind enough (yeah right) to let us have copies of the photos, so we can have some lovely photographs for this site.

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